This was…. apt.

I will not say that I am surprised that such a deep essay came from one who clowns around so much and disregards convention. The people who understand this life the most are those who realize that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. We are all not getting out of this alive.

I never knew Murbarak. I, however, saw a picture of him making a presentation with “freelancing” and (sic) “dieing” on the same slide. I froze at that picture. It was as if I had known him. Really known him.

We will all die. The Samurai knew this better than all of us and they wrote death poems. One of my favorite death poems of all time was by Ota Dokan:

“Had I not known
that I was dead
I would have mourned
my loss of life.”

Ota Dokan

The Samurai knew about life and death more than all others because they were constantly at the edge of both.

There is nothing more precious or beautiful than the carefree existence of youth. To keep living it every day no matter your age is life’s greatest gift.

Jay-Z captures it best with his song “Forever Young”

Fear not when, fear not why, fear not much while we’re alive
Life is for living, not living uptight, ‘till you’re somewhere up in the sky
Fear not die, I’ll be alive for a million years, bye bye’s
Are not for legends, I’m forever young, my name shall survive

Through the darkest blocks, over kitchen stoves, over Pyrex pots
My name shall be passed down to generations
While debatin’ up in barbershops

Young slung, hung here, showed that a nigga from here
With a little ambition, just what we can become here

And as the father pass the story down to his son’s ears

That song makes me realize every day that immortality is not about living in this body forever. It is to be remembered forever by the great things we have done. Be a legend and you will live forever.

Murbarak is “Forever Young” because he became a legend.

I eat Nigerian Jollof and I write things. That is what I do. Chief Fanatic @ Manchester United FC.

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