These guys are just opportunists and hustlers. Bottom feeders who prey on the ignorant and uninformed.

Swifta is a Google partner, one of the products we help them sell is G-Suite. The value proposition of a dollar denominated solution is hard to make to an African SME. It is why local partners are important to remove that ambiguity and make things clear. One of the things clear to me, however, was that tools like Whatsapp are already making custom email addresses and websites irrelevant.

We went to a Microfinance Bank and pitched them G-suite. The CEO told us that corporate/branded email made no sense to him especially as he could reach all the people he wants to reach via Whatsapp. His loan officers, his customers… everyone was on WhatsApp. He even grew his business because of WhatsApp. The email/Slack for African small business is now Whatsapp.

This pitch happened even before I discovered what Olayinka Oluwakuse III and co were doing with WhatsApp is what Skype and Google Hangouts should have been. Thanks to the rapid scale of mobile, MSISDN (phone number) is already a ubiquitous identifier. Why bother to create more complexity?

I eat Nigerian Jollof and I write things. That is what I do. Chief Fanatic @ Manchester United FC.

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