I believe I am an expert on barbers, seeing that I have been a regular customer of barbers for over 40 years now. Except for that one time I was unsuccessfully trying to be like Bob…..I digress.

I am very picky and I am loyal to my barbers. I even wrote a blog post about my barber in Lagos that became viral through YNaija and he became famous — http://ynaija.com/opinion-the-need-for-scaling-up-in-afric…/

I have cut my hair at Krew Mens Grooming beside Golden Tulip in Accra for years until they disappeared. I found them again yesterday at Labone and it was no longer the same Krew. I started searching for a new barber.

I found a gem this evening. His name is Kweku. I nicknamed him “The Michelangelo of Osu”. He is up there with the best barbers in the World. I know because I have used them all. He is not a “Hair Assassin”, He is an artist.

I have had expensive 40 dollar haircuts at resorts. Even got a hundred dollar haircut in Dubai once. This guy waited for me for half an hour to go get my clippers from home. Spent another 30 minutes on a masterpiece and charged 5 Cedis ($1:50). I gave him 4 times what he asked for of course.

An amateur barber cannot handle a razor. A professional uses a real razor for edges. Kweku not only could handle a razor. He had his own technique combined with a fresh piece of foam. No pain, clean and perfect lines.

He has been cutting hair for 3 years now and yet does not have his own shop. He was only using the store where I met him temporarily. I was so moved that I have registered “barbi.ng” this evening, for him and others like him to sell their services online. A store shouldn’t be a hindrance.

I will be introducing him to Kelechi Ofoegbu and the folks at ImpactHub Accra to look at how people like these can be empowered with tech.

In the meantime, if you need a great haircut, before drinking at The Republic or Duncans at Osu, this is Kweku’s number. +233275801566. His shop is just a bit further down the road from those bars and is on the right.

I highly recommend Kweku.

I eat Nigerian Jollof and I write things. That is what I do. Chief Fanatic @ Manchester United FC.

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