Sometimes it takes lack of emotion to see things in a clear light. The size comparison with Silicon Valley was spot on! Silicon Valley itself is expanding and growing. There is a serious housing crisis in the bay area and other adjoining cities and suburbs are being swallowed up as a result. Yaba should be a synonym for growth and not just cohesion.

Another problem I have also had is the semantics of innovation. I never liked the idea of calling places you find technology companies as “clusters”, I prefer “parks”. A cluster indicates clinging to each other to survive while a park is a place where everyone grows and thrives.

I am proud of my Yaba roots. I did my NYSC at Sabo but…Yaba should be where it started but not where it all ends. Yaba should be a state of mind and not just a place.

I eat Nigerian Jollof and I write things. That is what I do. Chief Fanatic @ Manchester United FC.

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