Sherrif, you know how openly I have always said that I admire your tenacity. Believe me when I tell you that those you least expect have all gone through this phase in entrepreneurship.

I finished reading that post and just sat down shaking. I remembered a time in 2007 when I almost lost my entire team because of uncertainty, I could not pay my rent and my 18 year old car then, lost an entire wheel (not just tire) on Lekki expressway near Mobil at 8:00am. Even the mechanic that fixed it, I could not pay. I was owing everyone.

I had to sit down, renegotiate all my debts, ask for advance payment from my partners. I decided to also take a loan and buy a new car. I was laughed at and scorned by family members. I ultimately had to get my mother to intervene before the loan was guaranteed. Funny thing is that, as soon as I got that new car, perceptions outside started changing, I had newer confidence, I hired new people and told the one who was leaving to go if he wanted. I replaced him with two new people.

I made peace with my biggest adversary that time and he gave us the biggest deal in my life then.

In all of this, the people that stood by me the most were my friends. Emeka Azuka Okoye was one friend who was always with me at the right time whenever I was down. A person who would not judge me but rather help me find a way out. Every entrepreneur needs that kind of friend.

Sheriff Shittu, we are your friends. We will not judge you on your flaws but on your strengths. Heck! We will not judge you at all. You will be great, not just good. Admitting this openly is a sign of greatness and not weakness.

I eat Nigerian Jollof and I write things. That is what I do. Chief Fanatic @ Manchester United FC.

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