Life Deserves a Premium

Normal is boring.

The average mind strives for “normal”.

They want things to “go back to normal” so life can continue.

The thing is, their normal may have been created by people who are not “normal”.

How did the bed you sleep on come about? That couch…the TV screen you watch? The Netflix shows you chill to? The prophylactics you use? The food you eat? The technology that built the home you live in? The normal life you run back to from work, using your “regular” Mac, iPhone or iPad created by people who don’t live like you. They create your “normal” and become very wealthy in the process.

In life, the opposite of normal is not really abnormal, it is “extraordinary”. If the work you do daily does not try to change your life or the lives of others from normal to extraordinary, you are playing a dangerous game with your future.

Normal does not really exist. It is a mediocre comfort zone the “average” mind creates. Normal is almost always disrupted by extraordinary. If you really look at your life, it is really defined by exceptional occurrences.

Your conception was extraordinary, you won the lottery of existence. You did not get to where you are today by doing only “normal” things. I am still looking for the person who achieved progress only from the normal and mundane. Even creating simplicity in a complex world is now extraordinary. You always seek a premium. You seek difference. Extraordinary defines you. The problem is that you want control of your progress or the illusion of it.

We are largely illusionary. A lot of people don’t really understand that they really crave “extraordinary” inside. They think it is “normal” that they crave but always pay extra for “extraordinary”. Normal is boring. People don’t pay a premium for normal.

Extraordinary World Class people who love to create extraordinary things, make the World go round.

I read somewhere that if your job does not make you want to jump out of bed to face the next challenge, you are either depressed or in the wrong job.

My job is “creating the extraordinary from nothing”. Making “normal” people become “World Class” people who produce extraordinary results. I love that job. I love seeing Africa change because of what we do.

I don’t live a “normal” life. I work in several countries and I am working on a Sunday because extraordinary does not need a vacation or weekend. It is usually permanent vacation for those who have the extraordinary World Class mindset. Don’t be local, be World Class. Be exceptional! Don’t make normal things or live a normal life.

Life deserves a premium. Normal is boring.

I eat Nigerian Jollof and I write things. That is what I do. Chief Fanatic @ Manchester United FC.

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