• Lanre Lasisi

    Lanre Lasisi



    Entrepreneur l Christian l Blue Sky Thinker labifrancis.com. @labifrancis

  • Grace Akinosun

    Grace Akinosun

    “When innovation meets creativity…” is a phrase that sums me up. At the core, I’m a full-blown content creator. But you can call me “Girl with the Pen!”

  • Ricky Ribeiro

    Ricky Ribeiro

    SVP, Creative Director at Manifest. I believe in the combined powers of content, social and analytics. Call me Captain Content.

  • Kelvin Umechukwu

    Kelvin Umechukwu

    Community. STEM. Startups.

  • Ibrahim Lawal

    Ibrahim Lawal

    My best friend is @ganeehrtsapna | I'm #Muslim, #Nigerian and an #ICT #Consultant | Software Engineer @paystack | Just say, “Alhamdulillah” :)

  • Muinat Atunnise

    Muinat Atunnise

  • Luxe Ubuntu

    Luxe Ubuntu

    We're a concierge club building cultural bridges, providing high net worth clients authentic experiences with local people. www.luxeubuntu.com

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